Tamika D. Mallory


Activist Tamika D. Mallory, is on a mission to heal the community, her motto is reputation build on Action!

Mallory is a NYC co-chair for the Gun Violence Awareness Month Initiative, a statewide program of education and awareness around gun violence intervention and prevention.  Mallory is a regular contributor for NewsOne.com and Essence Magazine. Mallory has represented the voice of the people on several major media outlets such as CNN, TV One, MSNBC, and BET. She was also the Co-Chair of the Woman’s March in Washington DC.

When Mallory approached 7ven Star Designs she was looking for a website that would capture Mallory the activist but also Tamika D. Mallory the person. Before 7ven Star Designs Mallory didn’t have a professional website to showcase the work that she’s done and continues to do in the community. Most of Tamika’s articles and information was scattered on different blog pages, news sites and google searches.

The creative team at 7ven Star Designs along with Hannibal Muhammad (Graphics) came together to provide Mallory with a professional site where those who would like to access Mallory’s work, find out information about her or schedule her to come to a city can go to find everything they need.

Our team wanted to start with our state of the art platform which allows the website to be responsive, having the ability to look great on mobile and tablet devices. We also ensure that the website is compatible with all major browsers.

7ven Star specializes in details and ensuring your website functions and serves its purpose.

Our system is designed to capture user information, store it in our created newsletter database and send a confirmation email.


  • State of the Art Website Platform
  • Responsive Design (the ability to be seen on all mobile and tablet devices)
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contacts Forms
  • Social Media integration